Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ryder Wegner Wilburn has arrived!!

On June 16th we finally got to meet our little man!! He was a week past his due date and when we went in to the doctor's office they did an ultra-sound and decided to get us checked in to the hospital as my amniotic fluid was quite low. We checked into the hospital on Tuesday, June 15th and they finally broke my water at 6:30am on Wed. morning. My contractions started about half an hour later and continued until Ryder was born at 7:52pm Wed. night. He weighed 7lbs. 10oz. and was 21 inches long. So far, he has been a great baby and we have been having a blast getting to know him and trying to figure him out. It's funny having a baby and watching everybody try to figure out what he wants. I've determined that there really is no way to know what he wants when he fusses, you just find what works and makes him stop fussing. So far, he is sleeping great and eating really well. I guess we couldn't ask for much else!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


So we are still waiting on our little guy to decide it's time to come out and play. I guess the one concern I have had about being a parent is patience. Will I have enough patience with my child? Will I be able to refrain from going absolutely insane when he tests my patience? I think this is God's way of placing my first test in front of me. So far, I'm holding my own in the patience department although it is getting frustrating! My mother-in-law is here and we are all just waiting....and waiting.....and waiting! I'm running out of things to occupy my time. Yesterday I took my mother-in-law around to the downtown shops and we walked around for a couple hours and then yesterday evening we went for an hour walk with the dogs. I'm trying everything! I have an appointment with my midwife today and I hope that we are able to find out some more information. Maybe my next post will be about baby - keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, June 7, 2010

No Baby, but a really clean fridge door handle....

What is it about having a baby and the cleaning instinct? I think it is living in the fact that at any minute you could have a baby and who knows what you will have time for, if anything, once that occurs. Then there's the fact that you will have visitors to your house and so you want to keep it clean or the fact that because you could pop at any moment you kind of dictate what the people around you do so there's always people around to clean up after. Whatever the case may be - I am there. I just spent 20 minutes cleaning the crevices of the handle to my fridge. No joke!

This weekend was a wonderful weekend with my husband. On Friday, we had our weekly appointment then spent the afternoon playing disc golf. I went to prenatal yoga and my husband went back to the office for an hour and then we went to dinner with friends at a Thai restaurant I'd been wanting to try. I wanted spicy food (attempting to evoke baby to exit thy womb) and I wanted to make sure I know the best Thai restaurant. We made it to a movie as we agreed we weren't sure when we would get to do a movie theater again! We saw Clash of the Titans and I must say, I find it interesting that even in Greek Mythology, the son of man is who redeems society from the grip of evil Hyades (just an interesting note, but that is for another time). Our Saturday consisted of a morning walk (again, attempting to evoke baby out of womb) then running some errands. We decided on an afternoon nap so we could make it through the Drive-In movies! We loaded the Jeep with pillows and blankets and made it through two movies at the drive-in: "Prince of Persia" and "Robin Hood". Well, my husband made it through two movies. Sunday brought church and then disc gold with friends. An afternoon shower broke up the game, so we came back to our house, grilled, played yard games, and visited until time for bed with great friends. I must say it was a wonderful weekend. I definitely enjoyed what could be my last weekend baby-free?!!? I am ready.